Monday, September 26, 2016

The Princess Diaries 2 Rep Test

The Princess Diaries 2 scored a B according to the Rep Test, with a total of 10 points. This film is about a princess, named Mia, who is told by the fictional country’s parliamentarian government, she must be married in order to become the next queen. However, she stands up against a jury of men and tells them she will be taking the throne without a man by her side, and convinces them she can do it. Her role model is her grandmother, the current monarch, who has ruled without a man by her side for many years and is well respected among many important people. One of Mia’s best friend’s is another princess played by a Black actress. This film does a good job of showing that women of all races can be influential in society, and goes against the stereotypical standard women have in many other movies in this category. In addition, the writers of this film are all women, including Shonda Rhimes, a Black female writer, who is well known and admired throughout Hollywood. On the other hand, while the film does a great job of illustrating the capability of strong female characters, there are male stereotypes in this film. Mia is told she has to find a prince and is given a presentation of eligible bachelors that only glorifies them for being attractive. However, even though the men have the stereotypical prince charming look, they respect women and see Princess Mia as a strong capable leader who can be successful without a man by her side. Although some of the main characters in this movie are men, the poster only features Mia and her Grandmother and portrays them as powerful leaders. 

I think the Rep Test is a fair way to judge a movie for the most part. However, there are always exceptions. Some movies might not be stereotypical or racist, but they still might not score an A. I think The Princess Diaries was scored pretty accurately overall. This is a romantic comedy and family movie so it doesn’t have the strong impact a drama would carry, but the writers and producers didn’t sacrifice their strong female leads in order to make more money. In the first Princess Diaries movie, they had a budget of $26 million and a box office income of $165.3 million. Subsequently, they had an even larger budget for the second one of $40 million, proving that casting two females with strong leadership roles doesn’t have to be seen as a negative in Hollywood.

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