Monday, September 26, 2016

Blog 2 movie choice

Jaylen Fisher
Writing as Inquiry.
Were you surprised by the results; why or why not?  
Explain why the movie received the score it did by pointing us to specific scenes in the film. Overall, is this rating system fair? 
What do you think it reveals about the movie you watched? The characters? The 
director? The production company? 
 The blog is designed to help you see the complexity of several current criticisms of films and help you brainstorm potential questions that may turn into controlling ideas for paper 2. Don’t forget to respond to one of your peer’s evaluations. 
I was surprised at the score Friday received because in my opinion it deserved a higher score than it got. Watching it the first time, I wasn’t thinking about whether or not it was a diverse movie, it was just a good movie. After considering if it’s a diverse movie or not, I feel like it is because the farther is involved in this movies and works to take care of his family. This is not typical in a lot of movies portraying black families. 
This movie receive the score it did because the scenes wasn’t diverse enough to get a higher score. For example they're two friends smoking weed on a porch. One friend drags another one in some trouble which was some common for a scene in movies that came out around this time. 
Yes I feel that this rating is an accurate representation because It does include everything I consider to be diverse and is not to be diverse.  
I feel that a B- for this movies is unacceptable. Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, and John Witherspoon all are excellent actors and the lesson for this movie is even more meaningful than movies with a higher rating. 

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