Monday, September 26, 2016

isaiah chambers

Lion King

For my representation test i chose to use the movie “Lion King’ .Is a 1994 animated movie produced by Walt DIsney . Also released by Walt disney  The story takes place in a kingdom of lions in Africa. This movie features an ensemble voice cast that includes. Nathan Lane as TImon . Mufasa as James Jones and Matthew Broderick as simba . Even though lion king characters does not have race but they do have gender . The movie total score is a 6 . A 1 in women A 3 in Men and a 1  in the bonus . Lion king scored a low score of 1 out of 8 because the women do not play a big role in this movie. The only conversation in the movie is down below.
ala to Sarafina: Mom, can I go with Simba?
Sarafina to Sarabi: Hm...what do you think, Sarabi?
Sarabi to the cubs: Well...
Cubs: Pleeeease?
Sarabi to cubs: It's all right with me.

There's no conversation there. No two female characters actually talk to each other, and this exchange all has to do with wThe Lion King is based entirely around future King Simba, his father the current King and his bitter uncle. The film also features Timon and Pumbaa, who act as Simba's surrogate parents for a portion of his life, both of whom are males.
There are a handful of named female characters. Simba's best friend and future mate Nala, his mother Sarabi and Nala's mother Sarafina. Whoopi Goldberg also voiced the leader of the Hyena pack, Shenzi. Despite these females being closely associated throughout the film, they fail to ever hold a full conversation. While they occasionally exchange words, "conversation" is the focus word. These exchanges also all focus on one of the many males as the object. Collectively, this means the most popular Disney film in existence only passes 1/3 of the necessary gates of the Bechdel Test.
hether or not Simba (male) and Nala can go play. This rating still stands.N

The ethnic romance of the Broadway ''Lion King,'' with its mixture of Zulu chant and songs by Elton John and Tim Rice, might also have turned into caricature. But it was saved by Ms. Taymor's genius, along with something else: the show's attitude toward ethnicity is not patronizing because ethnicity is no longer being treated as the mark of an outsider. Instead, ethnicity defines a society itself.
This represents a major change in the Disney vision of ethnicity, which is no small matter. Disney films may be the only cultural experience shared by American children, while ethnicity and race are probably the most charged words in American politics.
Ethnically defined characters have been a crucial part of Disney films for many years, both before Walt Disney died in 1966 and after. These characters include the broadly sketched black-American crows of ''Dumbo'.

In my opinion, the Rep Test is a valid way of grading films. It includes 5 very important topics that should be represented in most films (Women, Men, Race, Ethnicity& Culture, LGBT People, and People with Disabilities). Although, I agree with the Rep Test I still think there are some revisions to be made. The Rep Test does an excellent job is grading movies for men and women but is lacking in the Race, Ethnicity& Culture sections

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  1. I enjoyed this blog, it depics the different ethnoicities and cultural backgrounds necessary to earn a good score on the rep test.