Monday, September 26, 2016

Jostyn Andrews Blog 2 The Rep Test

                                                          Blog 2

The representation test, also known as the Bechdel Test, is the test I used to grade the movie Diary of a black women. After filling out the requirements for the test, I concluded that the movie earned a B and a total score of nine points. Most of the points were scored under the category Women. One of the main characters is a  Black woman who was married to a rich lawyer and had no money invested or coming her way. She worked very hard around the house cleaning cooking and washing clothes and dishes during the usually wife duties. Making sure that she is the best wife that she can possibly be to her husband. She knows that her worth should be well valued by her wealthy husband but over the past 18 years she has not gotten that thanks. She’s met with difficult challenges in her relationship with her husband. With The physical abuse emotional abuse, her getting kicked out of her own house and her being so far away from her family not having any direction to go. Until a family friend presents himself into her life and shows here what a real man is. That he is not looking for the material things in a women the looks, sex, and money but more so her heart her beliefs as a women. This shows in the category Women, that the protagonist can be a Woman and that she is more than “objects for the male gaze.” Although throughout the movie the she and the family friend build a strong bond or relationship you could say. It’s not based on just her looks. The family friend realize what she is about, and how much he cares about her and her worth. 
The next category in which Diary of a Mad Black women  received points in was Men. Men in this movie really only feature two main characters. Although her ex husband is considered a man we wouldn’t cause a real man would not allow his women to go into the hard ache that he put his wife into. The film does avoid glorifying violent men. The rich lawyer would hit and beat and abuse his ex wife to the point of bruises appeared. He wasn’t glorified for doing this, but were actually made to look really bad. The wealthy lawyer came up from selling drugs and getting it on his own before he started to be a successful lawyer where activity like this isn’t anything new and getting his way was the norm.   
I feel the way the movies are graded through the Bechdel Test, is a fair way to test the movies due to the test sticking to its rules. All movies are put through the same test and is based off of the same rubric. I like this test, because it grades to show if the movie has equal power between Men and Women and race. If there was something that I would change about the test would be the age of women over 45 it should have been the same for men to make the test more equal to all and make the test more accurate.

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