Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me. - Wreck It Ralph

Wreck it Ralph is one of them movies that as a twenty year old man (if that’s what I can even call myself) I probably shouldn’t say out loud that I like it. Wreck It Ralph is an enticing tale about a “bad” arcade game character fed up of being in the shadow of his games hero. Ralph goes on an adventure through “Game Central Station” (it’s the outlet plug where all the games are plugged in to, its actually really cool and imaginative) in thirst to become a hero. According to Giannetti, Wreck It Ralph fallen in the rightest column. It displays a mix of leftist and rightest, but believe it is more dominantly right from the way it displays Ralph Character and the way he is/treated.

Wreck It Ralph isn’t like your typical bad guy, otherwise he wouldn’t have went rogue on his own game to go try do the complete opposite to what he’s programmed to do…be bad. Ralph just wants to be one of the good guys, so does this particularly make him a bad person? We all do things that aren’t good, but would we consider ourselves bad? No. I definitely do not (and that has nothing to do with that I am impeccable perfect to begin with…just kidding). On a serious note, this makes you sit and think we all have a little bit of Ralph inside us. What we need to remember not just when it us having our Ralph day, that everyone has there days when their a Hero, not just a bad guy.

Ralph constantly displays this acts of heroism to but he embraces his “bad guy” behaviour at the end of the movie as he saves all of the arcade characters and sings the “bad guy” chant I’m bad, and that’sgood. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me.”
I know the front picture of this message seems to be a negative one but once you watch the movie its actually quite beautiful when you think about it and even as a grown man, it sent Goosebumps down my spine and inspired me. It taught me the most simple thing.

Throughout the movie the only negative portrayal of being a bad guy, is at the Villains Badanon (weekly meeting for all the bad arcade characters) where they spoke about never changing, there bad and that’s who they are. Its almost like going to your child who has just displayed bad behaviour “hey that’s cool you’re just a bad kid” and seeing nothing wrong with it. They even went as far as asking Ralph if he was going rogue…yes is he going rogue for being bad, makes total sense. In all fairness I don’t think many people took notice of it since Ralph was the main focus.

Overall regardless of the very minor issue with displaying a negative issue, Wreck It Ralph displays a number of quality and inspirational messages to all audiences. It over arching message that just because your sometimes a bad guy, doesn’t mean your not a good guy and yes it followed a typical cliché of the good guy always win in the end (even though Ralph is actually bad, but he’s really good…you get what I mean), because specially in this day and age that cliché stands strong and true. After writing this I feel like embarrassed that as a 21-year-old man I absolutely love everything about this movie. 4/5!!!

Wreck It Ralph honest trailer. check it out, its hilariously accurate

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